Contact Guidance

Cellular Contact Guidance, the phenomenon of surface topography characteristics altering cell shape and motion, is a growing area of study in live cell biology. While contact guidance poses much new territory in the research of cancer metastasis, development, wound healing, and in the performance of man-made biomaterials, there is currently no standard platform for governing the topological features necessary for such study with any level of precision.

The Nanocrine Contact Guidance Biochip offers a new platform for contact guidance cell studies. The Biochips feature atomically smooth, square grooves etched into quartz substrates. In contrast to other products, the Nanocrine Contact Guidance Biochip has shear edges with no slope to them due to our anisotropic processing method.

W=2.5, P=5
W=2.5, P=10
W=2.5, P=20

The straight grooves vary in width as well as spacing to accommodate numerous experimental setups.

Each Contact Guidance Biochip has atomically smooth surfaces which can be functionalized with standard coatings.