Our Products

Nanocrine Surface Chemistry Biochips

Nanocrine Surface Chemistry Biochips provide a standardized and customizable test platform for assessing the influence of nearby molecular density and gradients on cell adhesion, viability and morphology. We offer cRGD Surface Chemistry Biochips functionalized with RGD-peptides at specific molecular densities, and biochips with ready-to-functionalize, self-assembled monolayers (RtF-SAMTM) at specific molecular densities for users to define their surfaces with unique and custom chemistries.

Nanocrine Contact Guidance Biochips

Nanocrine Contact Guidance Biochips provide atomically smooth features (<2 nm average surface roughness (Ra)) at multiple depths that are known to dictate numerous forms of cell behavior from elongation to stem cell renewal. Each Contact Guidance Biochip contains 4 duplicate arrays, with each array containing 8 unique patterned groove sets, enabling researchers access to robust data output per experiment. Grooves are etched, separated by gaps of 2.5 to 20 µm (in x,y) at depths of 330 nm, 720 nm, and 1 µm (in z).

Nanocrine Multiwell Biochip Mounts

The Nanocrine Multiwell Biochip Mount provides broad compatibility between Nanocrine Biochips and conventional microscopes as well as stage top incubators by having the footprint of a standard 60 mm petri dish. It is multiplexed to provide 4 wells, increasing data capture for each experiment.

Nanocrine Controls

We provide negative control slides for our c(RGDfK) and SAM surface chemistry biochips, and a solution-based, Integrin blocking agent. 

Nanocrine Kits and Accessories

C(RGDfK) Molecular Density Scouting Kit  is designed to allow rapid identification of cRGD molecular densities that provide greatest sensitivities to specific cell types and experimental conditions.  

Contact Guidance Depth Survey Kit  is designed to allow rapid identification of groove geometries that provide greatest sensitivities to specific cell types and experimental conditions. 

C(RGDfK) Surface Chemistry Biochip Starter Kit  provides everything you need to get started, including 3 slides each of both high (1:250) and low (1:25,000) molecular density cRGD biochips, along with 1 Nanocrine Multiwell Biochip Mount. 

Contact Guidance Biochip Starter Kit  is designed to provide everything you need to run experiments using our contact guidance biochips. Each kit includes 3 slides:  1 ea. of 330 nm depth, 720 nm depth, and 1 μm depth Contact Guidance Biochips as well as 1 Multiwell Biochip Mount. 

Our Software


Nanocrine Cell Image Analyzer

Nanocrine Cell Image Analyzer  turns segmentation and analysis into an automated process. Our software measures the optical flow of all regions within each frame of an image set from a live cell experiment to identify regions occupied by cells.