Our Products at a Glance

Precoated Surfaces with Quantified Ligand Activity

Commercially available coatings used for in vitro assays adds time and variability to experiments. We use self-assembled monolayer surface chemistry coupled to ligand peptides to create optimal in vitro conditions not possible with traditional coating methods, reducing time and variability in cell microscopy.

Topographically Etched Surfaces for Contact Guidance

Cells are known to sense physical topography at the nanometer scale. This phenomenon, known as cellular contact guidance, has relied on in-lab generated surfaces that is time- and technique-intensive and lacks standardization. The Nanocrine Contact Guidance Biochip is here to change that.

Automated Analysis Software

Manual live-cell image analysis is time consuming and prone to bias. Nanocrine’s Cell Image Analyzer software utilizes optical flow (OF) to automatically segment and process cell image data — no training data necessary.

Precoat Surfaces with your Ligand of Choice

We offer Ready-to-Functionalize Self-Assembled Monolayer (RtF-SAM) Surface Chemistry Biochips and Protein Coupling Kits so you can use the protein or peptide of your choice with Nanocrine precision. These surfaces go through the same spacing and validation procedure as our cRGD Surface Chemistry Biochips.