About Us

Nanocrine Overview

Nanocrine is based in Frederick, Maryland, overlooking the beautiful Monocacy River.

Surfaces for Cells™

Our team of physicists and cell biologists work together to provide new solutions that improve live cell biology microscopy. Our products streamline experiment to publication by increasing reliability and reproducibility, decreasing preparatory time, and enabling new phenotyping classification in your already-established workflow.


Our Mission

Despite landmark achievements, living cells are still an enigma. Microscopy has been monumental in our understanding; however, many surfaces that cells interact with are uncharacterized and/or made with lab-specific protocols.

Every step of the process represents an opportunity for optimization. Our products are designed to address a specific step of the process and reduce the number of tasks required, the complexity of the step, and the amount of time the step takes. Every step is an opportunity for saving time and increasing reproducibility.
live cell imaging
Nanocrine Surface Chemistry Biochips greatly reduce the complexity of generating surfaces for live cell experiments by turning the whole process into a standardized, lot-validated platform that can be purchased through our store