Know your cells better.

Our Mission

Nanocrine was founded to address a critical problem: life science researchers are using surfaces that were innovative in the 1970s. As experts at the intersection of microfabrication and life science research, we’re modernizing technologies for biopharma assay development.

In an era where groundbreaking discoveries abound, it is astonishing that many researchers are still reliant on outdated surface technologies. This lack of innovation in surface technology has severely hindered the development of applications crucial to disease biomarker discovery and pharmaceutical advancements.

Recognizing this critical gap, Nanocrine has harnessed the power of microfabrication to bridge this technological divide. Through our pioneering work, we empower researchers to unlock the full potential of their studies, revitalizing development of cutting-edge assays that are essential for addressing complex biological questions.

Our innovative approach has far-reaching implications across diverse fields including neurodegenerative disease, stem cell renewal and differentiation, cardiovascular disease, viral pathogenesis, and cancer metastasis.

Our Story

Nanocrine is a biotech company based in Frederick, Maryland, overlooking the beautiful Monocacy River. Our team of physicists, engineers, and cell biologists work together to provide a next-gen platform for life science discovery. We are committed to supporting the discoveries that contribute to transformative improvements in global health.

Nanocrine Office